Nitrofuel Corporation Seals Strategic Partnership With Seaoil Philippines.

By October 10, 2019News

MANILA Philippines — On October 4, 2019, Wilson and Chiqui Uy seals a strategic partnership with Seaoil Philippines. Mr. Uy posts on Facebook soon after, saying, “Nitrofuel sealed a strategic partnership with Seaoil Philippines to manage its fuel retail business and fuel trading operation. We look forward to increasing its market share locally as well as expanding new target market in the region. Nitrofuel has expanded from 3 gas stations to 10 gas stations already for the last 3 years.”



Rising out of the ashes of Typhoon Yolanda, where Mr. Uy lost all 3 gas stations which took him 15 years to build, he now has 9 gasoline stations built within the span of 5 years (with his 10th underway). Not only has he built 10 gas stations in five years but he has also expanded even to the online space through his mobile app. Right now, Nitrofuel Corporation is taking steps towards growth and innovation, with this strategic partnership with Seaoil being one such step. Some of the other possible innovations in the coming years could include include franchising their brand, improving the mobile app, and creating a truly cashless gas station experience. Make sure to stay tuned as Nitrofuel Corporation endeavors to fulfill their promise to you. “We will get you there!”