Before entering the independent gasoline business Wilson S. Uy, an entrepreneur from Palo, started as franchise of Shell in 1995. Within 20 years, he was able to open three (3) gasoline stations under the banner of the giant gasoline corporation in different parts of Palo, Leyte and Tacloban City.

In year 2015, Mr. Uy decided to venture into independent gasoline business with a very practical reason that without the popular brand, the station can gain higher profit. It can save much from the advertisements , systems and the like. With that, Nitrofuel can offer the products at lower prices. The owner simply believes that putting up a gasoline is just like selling a generic medicine, it’s as effective as the branded one, but is sold cheaper because it doesn’t have to pay for a name.

Nitrofuel was created after ending contract with Shell last October 2015. Mr. Uy decided to rebrand his existing gasoline stations except the company owned station on Real Street in Tacloban which was given up after separation. Some of the remaining outlets have already acquired the brand and the new family-owned company was registered at the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on December 7, 2016 as Nitrofuel Corporation with Mr. Wilson Uy as the president.

Nitrofuel stations are brand new and equipped with modern facilities; Electronic pumps which are checked and calibrated daily. We also have tanker Lorries which are available for wholesale or bulk purchase orders.

Nitrofuel assure a smooth transaction with every customer that is why we use point of sale system which is  computerized, accurate and efficient. Thus, customers will get honest and precise figures for every business deal.

Currently, Nitrofuel Corporation has a total of seven stations located at Tigbao, Utap, Pawing, Palo, Campetic, Cogon and Arado. All seven stations are ready to serve it’s clientele. Nitrofuel offerse lubricant and petroleum products. We guarantee that the fuel we provide is bio diesel with euro 4 quality standard. Aside from concentrating on the product distribution by accepting wholesale orders. Nitrofuel aims to add more stations that will cater to motorists passing through remote areas where gasoline stations are seldom to find.


Nitrofuel’s vision is to become a leading independent gasoline company that provides quality and affordable gas services, equipped with modern, state-of-the-art facilities, and advanced management systems for optimum customer satisfaction.


Nitrofuel aims to provide accessible, effective and efficient services to both private and public transport, served by well-trained forecourt crew and operated by dealers with utmost sincerity and managerial skills


Integrity – We believe in uncompromising integrity, and upholding the company’s mission and vision to earn customers’ trust, setting this as our foundation, and ultimately living up to our name.

Excellence – We strive and persevere to be the best we can be.

Quality – Unending effort of ensuring customers high quality fuel and products at all times.

Service – We give our all-out best into effectively and efficiently performing our role to our customers.