Nitrofuel Corporation Seals Strategic Partnership With Seaoil Philippines.

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MANILA Philippines — On October 4, 2019, Wilson and Chiqui Uy seals a strategic partnership with Seaoil Philippines. Mr. Uy posts on Facebook soon after, saying, “Nitrofuel sealed a strategic partnership with Seaoil Philippines to manage its fuel retail business and fuel trading operation. We look forward to increasing its market share locally as well as expanding new target market in the region. Nitrofuel has expanded from 3 gas stations to 10 gas stations already for the last 3 years.”



Rising out of the ashes of Typhoon Yolanda, where Mr. Uy lost all 3 gas stations which took him 15 years to build, he now has 9 gasoline stations built within the span of 5 years (with his 10th underway). Not only has he built 10 gas stations in five years but he has also expanded even to the online space through his mobile app. Right now, Nitrofuel Corporation is taking steps towards growth and innovation, with this strategic partnership with Seaoil being one such step. Some of the other possible innovations in the coming years could include include franchising their brand, improving the mobile app, and creating a truly cashless gas station experience. Make sure to stay tuned as Nitrofuel Corporation endeavors to fulfill their promise to you. “We will get you there!”


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Reserve your fuel with just a touch of your finger! Enjoy convenience by using Nitrofuel’s website which is accessible anytime, anywhere and on any electronic device with internet capability. View our prices, which is guaranteed to be the lowest in the market, and enjoy exclusive low prices for online transactions only. Products reserved using this website must be claimed within three (3) days of transaction in any of the eight Nitrofuel branches in Leyte.

— Patricia Nicole Uy

Leyte gas station offers online fuel purchase

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TACLOBAN CITY — A chain of gas stations in this city and nearby Palo town now offers online purchase of fuel, the first of its kind in the region.

Nitrofuel Corporation president Wilson Uy, a provincial board member in Leyte, said the decision to go online this year aims to cater to the demand of “millennials” for web-based services.

Uy created the web page to introduce the product and added the feature on the fuel online.

The process is easy, where one can purchase fuel online and get the best price in the market.

No credit card is needed and the costumer just have to pay on site.

“All you have to do is to register through this link:, reserve and claim your order within three days,” Uy said.

He assured costumers that after three days that the online reservation fuels are not picked up, the order is cancelled and the costumer has no obligation to the gas station.

“When the fuel price suddenly increased and the reservation is still within the three-day period, the costumer still have to pay the original price stated in online reservation,” Uy added.

Registered in 2016, Nitrofuel has four gas stations in Tacloban and four outlets in nearby Palo town.